New social media network, ‘Fair Promise’, has officially launched to the general public and is introducing fresh ideas unrivaled by more traditional social networks.

By guiding the user to personal, professional, social, civic or political achievements, Fair Promise is inviting them to be a harbinger and inspiration for positive change on issues that matter the most to them.
“Our social media site, ‘Fair Promise’, opens the doors to infinite applications in education, motivation, love, health or even in politics. In doing so, we hope to create real world action,” notes Director Constantin Stoian.
Registration for users is free and only takes a few seconds. From there, users can create action, promise, or even challenge a friend, family member, colleague or a group (company, administration) on their own promise all from one platform.

Stoian adds, “The principle is simple: Promise to someone, Pledge a guarantee, Your audience offers you a reward. Keep your promise, earn rewards and improve your reputation. People to whom you promise vote the result and to make it funny they can even predict the trend of the promise. It’s even nicer when somebody makes a public promise or a promise to many people.”

Fair Promise is ideal for users who are looking to motivate and challenge themselves and others through the platform’s social freedom. The site also awards promisors who “win” or achieve their goals with a score which depends on how big is the audience, the audience's reputation, comments, likes, shares, etc." Rewards are often offered as incentives for those who are joining the promises. "It's like Santa Claus comes every day" says the founder, "you just have to meet your objectives with the help of your community and our tools".

The company hopes that many will love the platform’s goals by providing a structured avenue for users to avoid conflicts, while solving problems and helping shape the world through social change. To sign up for Fair Promise, visit: www.fairpromise.com.

About the company:
Founded in 2014 Fair Promise, the world's first place for action and fun, invites early supporters to join and experience the freedom of an enhanced democracy platform. The social media page operates as a place for users to find truth, trust, achievements and respect. The site offers daily tools for users to manage projects, daily tasks or solve problems in an effort to motivate and initiate positive change on a global level.

For media inquiries regarding Fair Promise, individuals are encouraged to contact Director Constantin Stoian via email at constantin@fairpromise.com. To learn more about the company, please visit: www.fairpromise.com.