From the Idea to the Screen - Full Service Production

Fairview Productions produces media across many genres – Film & TV, Music Video, Commercials, and Internet.

Within each of these forms, we strive create media with human attachment - Characters you can relate to. Stories that resonate.

We work with projects in all stages – a fresh idea, a script needing a re-write, pre-production, a project headed into production, and projects needing assistance in post.

Should you shoot in film or HD video? Each format has its benefits and limitations. We can help you choose.

We will work with a wide range of budgets with the goal of using efficiency and ingenuity to place the majority of your operational budget on-screen where your audience will see it. Large crew or skeleton crew, we will bring your project to fruition.

Fairview Productions is results oriented – we can assist if your goal is to promote, profit on an investment, or convey a strong message or statement.