Falco eMotors Inc. is a brushless permanent magnet motor technology provider that designs, develops, produces and supports an advanced portfolio of electric motors for light electric vehicles and industrial and commercial HVLS fans. Falco eMotors' comprehensive competencies include the brushless motor, inverter, mechanical, and firmware design, regulatory compliances, and software application development.

Falco eMotors' industrial and commercial HVLS fans support thousands of workers handling production machinery on mission-critical supply chains for Fortune 500 enterprises in India.  Agencies of the Indian Railways and Metro stations use the company's commercial and industrial HVLS fans to provide passenger comfort through "Purely Green Airflow" and the only genuine "Make in India" HVLS brand thereby meeting Prime Minister Modi's initiatives to encourage environmentally friendly products with manufacturing in India.

Falco eMotor' eBike systems provide thousands of seniors with extraordinary ability to stay active and fit until well into their 90s in the USA and Europe. More information is available at www.falcoemotors.com and www.epochfans.com.