I am Suman Sen, co-founder of  Fame Per Second. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about my organization.
We have been working in the field of Media & Entertainment with reference to content-marketing. FPS has evolved through a 'trial-by-fire' process and come to an understanding that the entire brandscape in today's world is slowly moving to a story-telling process. We are, in the same organic manner, slowly evolving to a story-telling boutique.
We believe that in today's day and age, brands need to connect with their consumers and the future lies in innovation through the use of creative ideas & harnessing technology.

It would be great if you could host us and feature. Waiting for your valued feedback.
The attached press release has more on our story thus far.
We are a cohesive unit of curious minds. We believe in asking the WHY? Because, that makes the HOW easier! We believe nothing is a cliché. Everyone has a story to tell. It can be a logo, a 140-character tirade, film, blog, graffiti, revolution…. We are here to tell some really good stories.