We are a start up.  Our company plans to build 400 urban aquaponic farms in the inner cities across America. Our proprietary system will: Eliminate the need for Nitrate Fertilizer, End Farm Source Pollution, Save Billions of gallons of Fresh Water, Cut the Carbon Cost of Food Transport, Provide Fresh Highly Nutritious Local Food, and Create 10,000 NEW green jobs.

Aquaponics grows both seafood (fish, bivalves, crustaceans, etc) and garden vegetables in a closed loop system.  The fish effluent is filtered, bio digested and used as fertilizer for the vegetables.  We use no antibiotics (not needed) growth hormones, (not needed) and never use animal protein in fish food.

We have a team of experienced farmer/growers and organizational management in place.  We have proprietary technology that will enable us to grow large volumes of clean local food in a small footprint.  Using aquaponics, vertical growing, and modern process control technology, we are a disruptive technology and will fundamentally change the dynamics of present food production and distribution.  

Ours is a distributive business model.  We will not scale up ... but scale out instead.  Using a hub and spoke method (not unlike a franchise) but usine company owned micro farms, we will grow all food locally (within 100 miles) this will create a 5 hour farm to table window.  Immensely superior to the present 5 day farm to table cycle (at its best)

See our blog: www.familyfishfarms.blogspot.com