Family Matters is panel of highly educated individuals who work with expat families across the U.A.E. Each member has been carefully chosen based on their outstanding reputation and dedication to excellence in their profession.

Family Matters aims to become the standard that all professionals & companies who deal with expats should aspire to. Through our rigorous selection process we have secured the very best professionals, with exclusive access coming to just one person or company in their particular field.

We take time to interview and review bringing our families the most qualified, most reviewed, ethical, professionals saving the families valuable time and giving them peace of mind through distribution of quality knowledge.

Our panel consists of

mortgage brokers, financial advisers, lawyers, relocation companies, insurance brokers, accountants, private bankers, trust companies, estate agents, family councilors, doctors, personal trainers, vets as well as many more.....

Family Matters connecting the right people to the right people.