Family Office Review was founded in 2011 to serve a gap in the family office community for relevant, organized news and information. Knowledge is power - but only if you can get the right information at the right time from the right place. Wealth isolates, and wealth amplifies. This publication aims to be the most useful tool available for navigating around potential pitfalls and the unifying point for the celebration of success.

We strive to help our audience strike the balance between "the art and science of wealth." Wealth means more than just money. The science of wealth is the numbers side, looking after investments, finding the right managers, etc. The art of wealth - ah, that is the elusive human side of the matter. How an individual or family manages the human side can be the difference between happiness and unhappiness.

To ensure high quality content and service, all members of the team have 15+ years of experience and our writers have experience in financial services and have also worked with family offices previously. Additionally, we have partnered with columnists who are considered leaders in their field.

We provide global coverage of the issues that concern families, wealth advisors and service providers. Our readers include family members, high net worth individuals, family office executives and owners, family business owners and executives, private bankers, lawyers, accountants, technologists, psychologists, and other specialist advisors who are dedicated to working in this sector. In accordance with the feedback we receive from our audience, we do not send daily emails. We publish our signature PDF magazine every other Friday and update our website twice weekly.

Thought leadership is a phrase that we believe has become overused in this domain. Our mission is to be the keepers of the intellectual and social capital for this global community, and serve as a "superconnector" to help families, family offices, wealth advisors and service providers find each other and create a meaningful dialogue. We wish to help foster innovation and excellence, which in the end raises the standard of wealth for everyone.

We are headquartered in London and Chicago. See the Contact Us page to get in touch.