Fanflipped, a crowdfunding site based in Charlotte, has officially launched its website. This niche crowdfunding platform focuses on helping to bring bands, musicians, comedians, and other entertainers to the fan’s city.

The purpose of Fanflipped is to give every fan the opportunity to see their favorite live performance right here in their own city. Instead of missing a show or traveling for one, fans can use the platform to raise funds to bring the performer to them. Similar to other crowdfunding platforms, a person or group starts a campaign and enlists the support of others to make the idea a reality. People who support the campaign will contribute and only pay if the performer commits to booking a performance. “You don’t pay, if they don’t play”

Fanflipped offers a unique aspect in which it creates an experience within the local community. Not only is it adding cultural opportunities to the city, but it is also giving back by donating 2% of all funds raised to local partner charities. Bringing fans, performers and communities together.

For more information about Fanflipped and to set up your campaign, please visit www.fanflipped.com.  

Fanflipped is a niche crowdfunding site started in Charlotte, N.C. The vision behind Fanflipped is to provide every fan the opportunity to see their favorite performer in their own city. Fanflipped strives to give a voice to the fans and to give performers insight into a fan base they may not know existed.