“Wow! Just Wow! It's rare to see an artist like Gutierrez not only with an Indy company but even with the Big 3,” William Wade, Images Unplugged

FarCorners Studios is known as the "new kids on the block" to watch out for in the independent comic book publishing industry. In existence since December 2013, FarCorners has secured favorable reviews of the company and its flagship title Team Genesis from industry bloggers as well as from its growing fanbase known as GEHMs (Genetically Enhanced HuMans - individuals who defy the laws of physics and the imagination to advance the FarCorners Universe).

FarCorners has published two print and digital issues of Team Genesis #01 (Pleasant Introductions) and #02 (Pleasant Introductions, Pt. 2), a digital-only edition of Delta Squadron #1, and an online backstory series, We Are Not Alone, published in FarCorners' "Tumblrverse."

A game-changer in the superhero genre, FCS brings to the industry a more evolved superhero, well written and developed characters and plots, and incredibly dynamic artwork. On the storytelling, William Wade in his Team Genesis #1 review states, “...a great job building a unique story in an all too common genre.”

FCS employs a marketing strategy that moves its “GEHMs” to envision FarCorners as a multi-media interactive studio and begins the process of FarCorners bringing Team Genesis to television and motion picture.

FCS’ permanent roster consists of Lincoln Farquharson, Editor-In-Chief and Chief Architect of the FarCorners Universe, who went from being a comic book collector to a comic book creator and now stands as the Chief Steward of the FarCorners brand; Carlos Rivera, a comic scholar now serving as the studio's business manager; and Arturo Gutierrez, a trained concept artist and comic enthusiast, is the lead designer for the studio. The auxiliary team includes illustrator Brian Williams, penciller Cyrus Mesarcia, letterer Jaymes Reed, and writer Cierra Farquharson.

Publishing, Comic Books, Writing, Illustration

FCS Crew
Lincoln Farquharson, Editor-In-Chief
Carlos Rivera, Business Manager
Arturo Zaid Gutierrez, Art Director
Ian L. Freeman, Public Relations Consultant
Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, Marketing Consultant
Ryan Curran, Accounting Consultant
Samantha Tilipman, Legal Consultant
Mustafa Gadli, Animation Specialist

Brian Williams, Illustrator
Cyrus Mesarcia, Penciller
Jun Joe Monares, Penciller
Vincent J. Smith, Letterer
Cierra Farquharson, Editor
Blake Wilkie, Colorist

Gustavo Rodriguez, Street Team
Kiesha Michele, Street Team