Shubham Farms development started in the year 2008. From the last 6 years it has been developed remarkably. Underground Electric cabling work and underground water pipe line work for water system has been completed. Big bore wells are available to meet the requirements of water. The WBM roads, drainage system, 50 nos street lights are ready there. Number of farm houses together with the beautiful land scaping work is also readily available. The yearly taxes are being paid to the concerned Gram panchayat authority and concerned Tehsil office for the ready Farm houses since the land is located in ward no.4 of the concerned respective village.

Shubham Farm is a highly secured, peace full, pollution free and pin drop silence area, It is located within Hill and forest area, Thereby there will be no scope for setting up any industry or residential colonies close to the scheme in future. However non interfering, Non polluted, Green, countryside and peaceful area can be ensured forever. It is approachable and Motorable in all weather  roads. Further there is no provision in the scheme for Resorts and Cottages on rent basis for general public.

The Shubham Farm is situated on the foothill of  Shive Gauri temple. It s an enchanting destination and this area is been surrounded by the thick forest. To climb up the Shive Gauri temple, which is built on the top of the hillock is an exhilarating experience, as each stage in climb unfolds great exposes of Shubham Farms and the view gets up wider as one goes up to its peak. Shubham Farm is one of the best picturesque spot.