60 years of experience and technical excellence make us the unrivaled leader in the Industrial and Commercial Laundry sector. Fartex Technical Equipment is the leading name in Sales and Support in the field.
We Supply and Support a wide range of companies active in both the Industrial and Commercial Laundry and the Tourism sector,assisting them to meet and exceed the growing demands of the sector.
Fartex Technical Equipment offers the complete product portfolio that you need for your business, as:
Industrial Washing Machines and Washer Extractors
Industrial Laundry Dryers
Industrial Laundry Ironers
Feeding - Folding Machines
Dry Cleaning Equipment
Coin Operated Machines
Continuous Bath Washers (Tunnels)
General Equipment (Linen Trolleys, Consumables)
We provide the ideal solutions to meet the worldwide demands of various business segments.
Industrial Laundries
Self-service Laundries
Restaurants and Bars
Dry Cleaning Businesses
Football and Sports Teams
Shipboard Laundries
Charity Foundations and Camps
Tailor Industry and Hair Salons
Army Installations
We are also able to offer you a wide variety of fully Refurbished Industrial Laundry Machines in Excellent, Pristine Condition.