Fashion Slave Blog, is the one stop blog where you will find all you need to know about fashion. I will be covering everything from the latest trends and news in the fashion world and make-up industry to interviews with top designers.

Fashion Slave Blog is here to help create a new platform for up and coming fashion designers, photographers and stylists to showcase their work. It is also here to allow me to share with you my views on recent trends, keep you up to date with the latest fashion news and create a platform where people can discuss what matters most to them.

This is the one place where you will find the newest and hottest talents in design, modelling and photography. I will be paying tributes to style icons, have mini biographies of fashion designers across the world and even distinguish where to shop.

I will be taking to the streets of England in search for the trendiest fashionistas there are. Whether you are wearing high street or high fashion, it all depends on how you wear it. Without style there is no fashion and nothing to aspire to.

Fashion Slave Blog is written by Kate Southgate. I have been a published writer since the age at 16 and have had an active interest in fashion since 11. Not only do I write my blog, I also have a fashion column in a new magazine called Playgirl UK. It is a monthly magazine that is filled with fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.

I am also a freelance writer, in which my latest project is a local bi-monthly magazine called Vanilla.

Everything that appears on Fashion Slave Blog is unique and written by me. Through my blog I want to share my thoughts and advice. Fashion Slave Blog is also about showing you what talents are out in the fashion industry and I want it to be a place where you can come to get all the information you need about the designers who are making a difference and the trends  that are shaping the way we dress.