"Faturah" is a secure e-commerce and credit card e-payment solution that provides customers with full end to end services through innovative processes and procedures by:

1. Providing complete integrated solutions for small and advanced e-commerce websites. This can be done based on company size and its business needs. Along with other services, professional and secure credit card e-payment services are also provided.

2. For businesses which are online but do not have credit card e-payment solution, "Faturah" can help securely with attractive prices.

3. "Faturah" Mall provides infrastructure to companies who do not have website but still wants to sell their products online by hosting products on "Faturah" Mall.

Nothing prevents "Faturah" from providing ideal and appropriate solutions to merchants. "Faturah" continuously make efforts to match merchant needs and expectations through well trained expertise.

In addition, "Faturah" target is to make sure that merchant will have secure and successful e-commerce business by providing hi-tech and smart solutions to meet client's requirements.