Property in the Crimea is the best investment for your capital!

Are you go to buy a property (apartment, house, plot) next to the sea? Then your choice is the North-Western Crimea. Rather it is Yevpatoriya with 2500 years history which is on the shore of the Kalamitsky Bay of the Black Sea. Just an hour or an hour and a half driving from the capital of the Crimea Simferopol' to enjoy sandy beaches and mild climate.

Yevpatoriya is already 75 years (since 1936) children's resort of national significance. Therefore, having buyed a property in Yevpatoriya, you will provide your children an opportunity to improve their health.

It considers Yevpatoriya with tourism attractiveness to yield to the resorts of the Southern Coast of the Crimea, because of it has not got neither an exotic nature with palm and cypress trees, nor deep canyons and high mountains, but all these do not hinder to intend on complete rest. Yevpatoriya is considered to be one of the best resorts in the Crimea: a shallow sea coast is being heated well and a water temperature is often higher than at other crimean resorts.

A part of holidaymakers prefer to live in sanatoriums and pensions, while others prefer the private sector in Yevpatoriya or suburb. But the best option is purchasing own "corner" like room, apartment or house. Purchasing a property in Yevpatoriya or suburb will allow you unlimited opportunities to enjoy this unique crimean resort. It must be noted that housing in Yevpatoriya always differed with reasonable prices.

It may be an apartment in new buildings downtown, as well as in sleeping areas. You can also purchase a house in the Old Town located on the east where the houses have a long history. In addition, you can opt for the secondary real estate market built in 1960-1990's.

If you want to have in the summer a chance to rest "on own territory" - in an apartment, house purchased or start (expand) your business in one of the most attractive parts of the Crimea, contact the most reliable real estate agency in Yevpatoriya - Real estate agency "Favorite". Our 20 years of experience including more than 10 years in the Crimea help you make the right choice.