Faz Poursohi, owner Faz Management, Inc, West Coast Culinary Entrepreneur, successful businessman, engineer, award winning Chef, philanthropist, husband and father, built his restaurant company on the foundation of "farm to fork and local and sustainable" principles from its inception.  Before the terms were trending in the food industry, Chef Faz was serving his guests with the finest that local California farms could offer.

Faz Poursohi was born in Soh, Iran, and now resides in Danville, California, with his beautiful wife Fariba and his two daughters Bahar and Baaraan.

Faz’s Proud Culinary History:

Faz credits his success to his love of food and cooking acquired growing up in rural Iran.  As a boy, Faz was called on by his family to pick the season produce from their farm, and help his Mother in the kitchen with recipes handed down through the generations. In winter, Faz hunted prized game birds for family meals.  

As Faz describes; “It was a simple life full of beauty.  My Father was a farmer who had plenty of land.  We had sheep and goats by the thousands, kept up in the mountains.  There was a beautiful garden in the middle of the house with sour cherries trees, apricot trees, white peach trees, walnut, quince and white mulberries.  We grew grapes, almonds, pears, walnuts, in gardens that surrounded the house.  We had tons of roses from which I would make rose water.  We grew acres of wheat from which we made our own bread.”

It would be that love of nature, love of proud culinary heritage that stuck with Faz and inspired him to pursue culinary arts.

Faz Poursohi came to the United States in 1974 to attend University of Illinois to achieve his Engineering degree.

Faz Learned the Trade:

Faz met Rich Melman while in college, working nights while earning his Systems Engineering degree in Chicago.  

Legendary restaurateur Rich Melman of Lettuce Entertain You fame, took a liking to Faz for his hard work ethic, smarts and culinary know-how.  Faz worked his way up the line at legendary Chicago restaurants like the Pump Room in the Ambassador East Hotel.

Faz earned systems engineering degree in 1979; he then attended a year of graduate school in 1980.  

He was then made an offer he couldn’t refuse, which pulled him from his Graduate work:  Faz was hired on as opening chef at MacArthur Park, Palo Alto, CA from 1981-1984

After ten years he moved on to open three restaurants in San Francisco which were all met with instant success that would last for another two decades.

Passionate about the restaurant industry, Faz opened his namesake restaurants in downtown San Francisco, and all over the East Bay and Silicon Valley including: Danville, Oakland, Pleasanton, and Sunnyvale. And in 2007, he came full circle in his culinary journey buying MacArthur Park, the restaurant that brought him to California, with longtime friend and business colleague, Chuck Frank, owner of Spectrum Foods.

After years as a successful restaurant owner and businessman, Faz was sought out and recognized by his Alma Mater, University of Illinois for his achievements.  Faz Poursohi was awarded the Outstanding Engineering Award by the College of Engineering University of Illinois Chicago on October 11, 2002, by Deans of the University.  

Faz’s current mini Persian American Empire consists of:  

Faz Restaurant & Bar San Jose here at The Verdant

Faz Danville - open 1991

Faz Sunnyvale - opened 1995

Faz Pleasanton -  opened 1996

Faz Bakery & Coffee Bar in Danville - opened 2016

Faz's new bakery located at 221 Hartz Ave. in Danville is now open for business. A beautiful new state-of-the-art bakery in the heart of Danville, serving the most delectable desserts made by a group of highly experienced bakers and the finest Italian espresso and coffee drinks by Illy. If anyone has not had a real Persian cookie from recipes that are thousands of years old, it's an experience worth dropping in and having, a new addiction to look forward to.

MacArthur Park – Faz open MacArthur Park 1981-1984 and now it’s a part of the Faz Restaurant group.

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Notes:  Career Path
Chef/owner, Cafe Latte, San Francisco, 1984-1991; chef/owner, Original Faz, San Francisco, 1985-1989; chef/owner, Circolo, San Francisco, 1986-2006; chef/owner, Sante Fe Bar and Grill, Berkeley, Calif., 1987-1997; chef/owner, Cafe Latte II, San Francisco, 1988-2004; food and beverage operator, Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, 1990-2005; chef/owner, Faz Restaurant, Danville, Calif., 1991-present; chef/owner, Faz Restaurant, Sunnyvale, Calif., 1996-present; chef/owner, Faz Restaurant, Pleasanton, Calif., 1997-present; chef/co-owner MacArthur Park, Palo Alto, Calif., 2008-present; chef/owner, Faz Restaurant, Oakland, Calif., 2011-present, Faz Bakery & Coffee Bar, Danville, Calif., 2016-Present.