International Legal Services is a law firm providing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Compliance services to clients nationwide.

The FCPA prohibits U.S. firms and individuals from engaging in corrupt activities involving overseas officials, and provides for steep penalties for violations of the law.  

Anyone doing business internationally should have an effective FCPA Compliance Program in effect and actively monitored.  Doing so can help minimize the risk to being found in violation of the law, and can assist if an investigation is undertaken.  When the DOJ and/or the SEC engage in an investigation of a company for possible FCPA violations, they will take into account the firm’s compliance program.  In addition, they have stated that they look favorably upon a company which engages outside counsel to monitor compliance.

In addition to the more favorable treatment possible from the DOJ and SEC on any investigations, having outside counsel involved can provide an additional set of eyes to view the company’s situation.

For a negotiated, flat-fee, International Legal Services will consult with company management, review the firm’s current compliance program (if any), make a basic in-country visit and audit, and provide officials with recommendations to implement, improve, or otherwise change their FCPA Compliance Program.

Clients interested can contact Terry Caldemeyer, Attorney, at terry@fcpa-law.com, call 800-824-7912, or visit http://www.fcpa-law.com.