FEC (Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd.), founded in 1995, is a worldwide leader in POS systems generating solid and consistent growth. With dynamic POS expertise in hardware design and manufacturing, FEC provides a full range of POS products, including all-in-one touch terminals, box PCs, monitors as well as related peripherals. In addition, FEC provides KIOSK related products and services.

As a dedicated POS system company, FEC is proud to have a comprehensive professional POS R&D team and in-house factories to offer customized POS systems with excellent quality and high reliability. Incorporating modularized product design concepts with flexible manufacturing capabilities, FEC precisely meets the market needs and provides insightful customer-driven products.

Core Competencies

Flexible & Fast Mass Customization Capability
• Rich modular POS components base
• Build to order with low minimum quantity and competitive

In-house Design, Manufacturing and Technical Services
• Comprehensive and dedicated R&D team
• Professional New Product Innovation (NPI) & Product Lifecycle
• Self-owned manufacturing facilities


For over 15 years, FEC has been building strong and sustainable relationships through business integrity and loyalty. FEC in cooperation with our global partners has striven to accommodate worldwide POS market requirements.


In order to maximize value for our customers, FEC has been focusing on the Retail, Hospitality and Self-service markets which has helped broaden our domain know-how and generating outstanding solutions for our customers.  Combined with absorbing the feedback from our customers, FEC have accumulated profound knowledge which has been transformed into our specific POS designs.  FEC POS solutions, the solutions you can rely on.


In order to best satisfy our customers, FEC has streamlined the POS product planning, designing, manufacturing as well as the sales and customer support.  We have rigorous manufacturing process, professional consulting services and flexibility in production to meet versatile requirements. You will have FEC’s full support to grow your business.


With over 15 years in the POS industry, FEC has accumulated solid and professional business insights which enable itself to provide POS consulting services to clients in Retail, Hospitality, and Self-service markets.  This has continued to help our clients to improve their project design quality but maintain a comparably lower cost of ownership.  Whether you need planning, developing or installation, we are the experts you need.


FEC offers high mix build-to-order OEM/ODM services at competitive pricing. As a dedicated POS system company, FEC is proud to have a comprehensive, professional POS R&D team and in-house factories. Our facilities allow us to offer high quality customized POS systems, and our flexible manufacturing capabilities mean we are able to produce products with low minimum quantity and competitive cost. Our clients have the flexible and effective in-house manufacturing factories of FEC at their service.

Professional POS & KIOSK Design & Production

• Dependable POS & KIOSK Technology Development :
The FEC R&D team and in-house factories are ready to tailor make POS terminals and kiosks to customer specifications.
• Dedicated R&D Team:
Including Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Software Development, Electronic Engineering, System Integration

Cost Optimization with Integrated Value Chain & Organized Operation Management

• Resourceful Procurement:
Our procurement team drives down the cost of OEM / ODM projects
• Value Added Operations:
Provide various value-creating activities including: designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and logistics

Efficient Time to Market with Self-Owned Manufacturing

• In-house Factories Certified ISO9001:
Sijhih, Taiwan (size: 3970 m2, capacity: 10K units per month)
Shanghai, China (size: 4500 m2, capacity: 4.5k units per month)
• Flexible Manufacturing:
Standard assembly line with hybrid conveyor and cell production types