I am a life long student and creator in the arts, painting, writing, photography, dance, and even fitness.

With nearly six dozen titles, I have enjoyed creating stories and poetry and image collections mirroring places my wife Sheila and I have lived : Texas (Austin & Galveston), Paris, and Vermont.

Currently, at age 63, I am in process of integrating all those varied, yet related, interests, via my thoughts and work expressed on my website: www.felipeadanlerma.com .

My work is available through all major online ebook outlets.

More recently, my work has also become available via two subscription services, Scribd and Oyster.

Please visit my website, www.felipeadanlerma.com or my Scribd author page, http://www.scribd.com/felipe4adan4lerma .

Thank you so much, sincerely,