The Female Beatmakers project is a scheme used for developing women within the music industry, by offering advice, information and workshops. It was born from the concept that women where underexposed and unobserved within the music industry in skills like music production and engineering and therefore needed an avenue to express and share skills with other likeminded individuals.

Female Beatmakers started off as a website to help facilitate learning and development to women in music who were intrigued with the idea of being a music composer of producer. The website runs on a social networking enterprise and currently holds over 400 members, ranging from music producers, singers, djs, and engineers.
Every year Female Beatmakers does a charity event to help expose the members of the website as well as raise money for charity and spread awareness.

The website has online courses, interviews, links with record companies, forums, blogs, music shops, events and downloads and currently gives free digital distribution to all the members of the website courtesy of Release My Music Online.

Currently Female Beatmakers is in the process of gathering funding to help facilitate music workshops around London to young people, in conjunction with colleges, local councils, schools and private institutions.

The project aims to inject a philosophy that women need hobbies as way of building confidence and sense of purpose and that women shouldn’t shy away from doing what is seemed to be a male dominated industry because they do not see female role models within it. The project aims to make all women role models by giving them an incentive to work, uplift and share information to one another.

The workshop projects will be run by women, offering courses, in djing, engineering, creative writing and self development.

Female Beatmakers continues to grow each daily with a mixture of new starters and already established acts.
By supporting women through events self development workshops and music courses, Female Beatmakers hope to bridge the gap in the industry and make music an incentive for young talented women, whether they want to purse it as a hobby or a career.