Today world will witness the launch of a revolutionizing digital platform that will facilitate people-in-pain to find the best treatment at affordable prices. ‘For industries like hotel, real estate, entertainment, fashion and apparel and more, people have digital platforms to search, lookup, be informed and book. Why don’t we do the same for healthcare!’ Years back this thought inspired for the Femicure’s and from today everyone can Femicure a treatment!

What does ‘Femicure it’ or ‘Femicure a treatment’ mean? Femicure isn’t just an organization it’s a belief that every treatment seeker shall be helped in his/her journey of seeking a cure. At this gigantic portal which spreads all over India, only a few simple steps are to be followed: Log on to a website, mention the treatment you are seeking, city(s) you are seeking in them, filter according to ratings, areas, and more. If required, you can also check the hospital profile which will even have the doctor’s profile in it. The website has blogs and articles for your reference regarding different diseases and their treatments!

“We were asked to develop a simple website so that any individual with even a minimal knowledge of computer or mobile can book an appointment!”  

Femicure is first of its kind, so the website also has a feature for customer feedback. The organization promises to keep updating itself in terms of consumer satisfaction and user-friendly approach.

Apart from treatment seekers, if treatment providers want to get listed then the website has an easy process for this! Visit the website and you can see ‘List your clinic’ option.

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