FemtaByte PC, Mac, and Media Center is the most affordable option in Northern Illinois, for any Windows and Apple Macintosh computer services, as well as for Multi-Media production.

FemtaByte PC and Mac:
We fix, upgrade, install, assemble, and customize both Windows and Apple based computer systems for home entertainment, gaming, office work, and production.

FemtaByte Media Center:
We film, edit and produce video, compose soundtracks and other music, and do graphic and web design for our customers.

Our video department has ten years of broadcast production experience, which includes Advertising, Magazine programs, Music programs, News, Fashion, Stage, Sports, Gala-events, Launches, Documentaries, Corporate videos, Infomercials, Education, Campaigns, Weddings, and Nature videos. We also write and edit articles for a wide variety of audiences and topics.

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