Fenix Fire Entertainment was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Brian and Anna who have both been professional game developers since May 2000, then developing for an emerging new console from newcomer Microsoft which later became the first Xbox. Both Brian and Anna studied art and computer graphics and have worked for big console game publishers such as Midway Games, Blizzard Entertainment, The Collective, and High Voltage Software.

As an independently owned developer and publisher of videogames, Fenix Fire is focused on creating rich, beautiful worlds full of life and detail, all made possible since adopting the Unity 3D game engine. Together with our top industry partners, they aim to create the best quality videogames possible and explore their imaginations.

Fenix Fire has also created videogames for a few major brands, such as Red Bull, Wow Wee, and has teamed up with expert engineering firm JTS to create amazing motion simulator rides for Chevron and John Deere. Fenix Fire is also a proud member of Union publishing and enjoys a rewarding relationship with Unity3d.