Promedia has been conducting Public Relations and Trade Servicing programs of international groups and companies successfully since 1992 in Turkey.

Working with the motto of "360 Degrees Communications", Promedia has a structure enabling it to offer in a single package all of the services that may be needed by its customers in public relations.

Media Relations: It is Promedia task to introduce to the media and to ensure that your messages reach your targets through media publications by employing public relations and communications techniques.

Preparing press bulletins and information files and sending them to media and follow up
Preparing media plans
Arranging special news and interviews in media
Daily communications with media and responding to demands of media
Media tour
Press conferences and informal talks and prize ceremonies
Contest and show organizations

Crisis Communication: When you are at the mid of a crisis situation, your messages given to the public through media before and during the crisis will determine your post-crisis place and will probably pave the way for you towards the new opportunities.

Review and analysis of negative effects of local and international events and developments
Identifying and tracing the elements that may lead to a crisis, and analyzing the probable resulting damages thereof
Determining the communication means and channels to be used in the crisis
Formulating the slogans and messages and appointing the spokesmen to be used in the crisis
Preparing a crisis management file
Managing relations with press and customers during the crisis

Marketing and Commercial Communications- Trade Servicing:
Marketing communications, one of the most important factors in the process of gaining competitive advantages for the companies, becomes more and more important day by day.

What Promedia offers is: "A persuasive communications process aimed at reinforcing the attitude and behavior of the target consumers in the desired direction, and if in the opposite direction, at changing this."

Goals for both sales and communications in the "Marketing and Commercial Communications" are:

To increase and support sales
To reinforce product and brand awareness
To assure awareness on company and product
To improve the company and product image
To increase effect on attitudes and behaviors of target mass
To educate consumers about product
To train the target mass on use of the product
To create consumer loyalty

Market Research:
Key to a good marketing and commercial communication is the continuous follow -up of the market. Market researches and studies determine the direction of services of Promedia. Strategies and tactics are formulated parallel to the data gathered from the market.

Quantitative Studies
Qualitative - Focus Surveys
Sector Researches and Analyses
Follow-up and analysis of market information