Agroplasma USA sells high production organic fertilizers approved for organic agriculture production in over 30 states nationwide. The Ferticell® products are based on different types of algae extracts, natural extracts of plants, and have been developed based directly off grower request.
Ferticell® started in 1983 and has developed some of the most unique, efficient fertilizers available to the ag industry. Agroplasma is a family-owned company in Tempe, Arizona and is the sole US distributor of the Ferticell® product line.

We have all of our technical product information listed on each product page. Above and below each page are our organic certifications and social media links.

Get to know more about our Ferticell® Technology found in our high production organic fertilizers like Universal, the soy protein hydrolysate in Explorer, or learn about our newest organic product, pending registration for 2019, Ferticell® Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0.