The Foundation for IT Sustainability is a not-for-profit organisation. The organisation's mission is to engage with, and educate individuals and corporations on the environmental footprint of technology, and assist them in reducing the related greenhouse gas emissions produced by technology. On the flip side, we also encourage organisations to utilise sustainable technology (such as video conferencing) to help them reduce the environmental impact of the rest of their business.

Our Mission

To reduce the negative impacts of technology on the environment and promote the sustainable use of technology to help solve environmental problems, by:

   * Educating individuals, corporations and government
   * Promoting the implementation of Green IT best practices
   * Encouraging the development of more sustainable technology alternatives

Our Goals

By 2015, FFITS.ORG aims to:

* Educate over 250,000 consumers on methods and strategies they can implement at home to reduce their environmental impact at home
* Educate 20,000 businesses on improving their technology environmental footprint
* Assist businesses and individuals globally reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10,000,000 tonnes

Our Guiding Principles


* an independent, global and non-political party
* implementing definite projects designed to educate on and/or remediate technology related environmental issues
* developing strong partnerships across communities, government and business to help us achieve our goals
* operating cost-effectively and with accountability to donor's contributions