FHFModern.com is an online furniture based in Los Angeles,CA. We offer modern and mid-century furniture in many styles and colors. Find lounge chairs, kitchenware, bar chairs, wall clocks, ceiling lamps, outdoor furniture and lots more available and affordable. Buy direct from the manufacture and get furniture shipped free straight to your door.

A Little About FHFModern.com

FHFModern.com was founded in 2014 by Johnny Rico. He is currently working on artists in L.A. to expand on home decor and incorporate a touch of L.A.  

Johnny is an artist who simply loves to express himself and gather the best of what his city has to offer. You can find him now expressing himself through FHFModern.com. Johnny and his team are dedicated in bringing a touch of Los Angeles to your dining and living room. He is currently working with local artists in Los Angeles to bring you unique home decor.

Want to know more about FHFModern.com?
Simply send us an e-mail to info@fhfmodern.com