FICEL Sports & Entertainment Marketing specializes in helping clients use the power of sports to grow their business. FICEL has spent over 21 years building relationships with athletes, major sports leagues, and partnerships with the best teams in sports. These relationships are the foundation for the unique sports experiences we provide. FICEL Sports & Entertainment Marketing is also a leading producer of authentic hand-signed collectibles.

At FICEL we are constantly looking for ways to develop new relationships and expand existing ones by implementing dynamic sports & entertainment influenced campaigns in order to optimize brand exposure. We use the power of sports to grow people's business. Our relationships with multiple athletes allow us to create customizable packages for all of our current and prospective corporate clients. Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker to inspire your sales team, a spokesperson to promote your product or a special guest to make your event that much more memorable, FICEL Sports & Entertainment Marketing has something for everyone.

Ficel Sports & Entertainment Marketing has worked with major companies, such as Cops for Cancer, Canada Post, and Tim Hortons, to enhance their product with our licensing power. We allow organizations to use our license, whether it's our logo, one of our players from Team Canada '72 or the entire team, to leverage it across multiple avenues. These avenues include having both our "Team Canada '72" brand, and your brand placed on books, stamps, DVD's, household items, commercials and much more.

FICEL Sports & Entertainment Marketing is a leading producer of authentic hand-signed collectibles and the best source for all your sports gift and collectible needs. Our collection of signed, and unsigned memorabilia from star athletes are some of the hottest memorabilia products on the market. FICEL continuously dedicates itself to creating the most unique, limited and special collectibles. FICEL is continuously updated with new and exciting products from the world of sports, while our sales team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Ficel Sports & Entertainment Marketing has the ability to create impressive events for your company. If you want to take your event to the next level, look no further. We can provide you with posters and banners, unique prizes, and most importantly, celebrity guest speakers. Whether it's hockey games, golf tournaments, meet and greets, signing sessions for sports collectibles, charity events, etc, we can improve its success with our supportive staff, valuable experience, and popular connections.