Squidget Company, Inc. invented the original, patent-pending fidgeting cubical device back in 2002, a decade before others claimed to have invented theirs. The Squidget – the original fidgeting cube – was invented by a high school sophomore,  Naomi Cher, to help her best friend stop digging her nails into her arms as a  stress reliever.

Today, Squidget Company, Inc.  refers to themselves as Team Squidget, and they are composed of experts in the fields of Neuropsychiatry, Neurosurgery, Special Education and Medical Specialties. They have received guidance over the past nine years from experts and advocates around the world in the areas of Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, TBI and professors at the university level – all eager to have Squidgets for use by their own client populations, plus all the “general fidgeters” of the world.

The vision of Team Squidget for the past nine years has been simple: since everyone fidgets, everyone should be able to afford a tool to help. Fidgeting can cause a loss of focus, creativity and even self-esteem and dignity. The Squidget offers everyone an affordable, safe, fun and reliable way to dissipate this nervous energy. The mission of Team Squidget has been to make that happen the right way, by leveraging their own unique collective expertise, vast experience, creativity, inventiveness and passion for helping others improve their lives.

Team Squidget is committed to inclusivity. They have and will continue to collaborate with and within their key communities. For example, Squidget’s soon-to-be released website was developed by the aspiring young individuals at Hopeworks ‘n Camden. Visit www.hopeworks.org to see the amazing work being done there.

All of the packaging and shipping will be done locally by employing individuals with Down Syndrome who are part of the amazing team at the Seven Hills Foundation. Check out www.sevenhills.org to learn more.