Program Overview: What we do and how we do it!
1) The Grace Youth Leadership Program: The Fields of Grace, through its Grace Youth Leadership Program  (GYLP), is working with local youth bureaus, and other local youth oriented organizations, to combat juvenile delinquency, advance education, and lessen the burden of local governments.

2) The Grace Youth Recreation Program: The Fields of Grace, through its Grace Youth Recreation Program (GYRP), is working to design, plan, and implement amateur sporting activities to promote the social welfare of local children and youth under the age of eighteen.

3) The Grace Discussion Program: The Fields of Grace, through its Grace Discussion Program (GDP), has arranged to work with local colleges, churches, other tax-exempt religious organizations, community groups, and charities, to host supervised monthly coffeehouses, forums, workshops, and discussion groups for young adults on a wide range of social issues, religious topics, and current event.

4) The Grace Assistance Program: “Bridging the GAP":The Grace Assistance Program is collaborating with local churches, not-for-profit charities, and other local community groups, to provide emergency food and clothing to individuals and families in need of urgent assistance.

5)  The Grace Life Skills Program: The Grace Life Skills Program addresses the needs of young adults, singles, couples, and new families.