FIELDWEB: AN ECOSYSTEM FOR “field workforce management “BUSINESSES


Corefield Technologies, set up in the year 2015 with the main aim of providing IT Solutions for the business that deals with the Field Workforce. In the current scenario of the market, we often forget the “core” that is the ground-level assistance and hence the idea of CoreField. In the Field Service Industry, more than 90% of SMB’s businesses are using manual / traditional mechanisms to manage their deployed workforce.

Corefield Technologies is the one-stop management solution and it will help to bridge the gap in the market.


With the idea of being a support to the Field workforce, the organization decided to develop a flagship product named “FieldWeb” which will be

· The one-stop solution for all the Field workforce problems and an easy way out to manage the Field workforce automation platform.

“Order To Cash”

· Will allow you to accelerate business cycles, reduce costs, and human error, which leads to a boost in the whole business productivity.

· Will be a rescue for the businesses so that they can easily communicate, operate, and can experience smooth growth in their business.

Why choose FieldWeb for best field workforce management

The Global Field Service Management market is expected to hit US$5.08 Bn in 2023 at a CAGR of 15% over the period 2021-2023. Our Field workforce automation platform promises at least a 30% increment in the productivity of your fieldworkers.

What is making us unique today?

We at FieldWeb are the one-stop solution to all your business operation issues. Unlike other companies or products, we are focusing on all small businesses that need simpler solutions and are easy to scale on. FieldWeb follows a subscription pricing model, depending upon the feature-rich packages and number of active fieldworkers

Our client dealing is based on the Field workforce industries including:


Ro purifies


Solar panel



Lifts and escalators

Broadband services

Interior designer

40+more and growing

Our services include real-time tracking, attendance management, inventory management, expense management, customer management, and field worker scheduling. all this gives support to the field service business owner that makes his management and business operations easy and effective.

Our target audience

According to a recent report on the service sector, the government of India found that workers engaged in service enterprises lie in a range of around 8.80% (Business Register) to 25.90% (MCA frame), belonging to Admin, Support Service Field, and other services. Also, in the current scenario, the field workforce in India ranges from 15 to 40 million, and we are targeting only 5% of it.

Where we stand today

· 4k+ downloads on Play Store crossed over 1.5k since App launch

· 65,000+ total tasks created and executed on the FieldWeb App

· 3k+ Registered fieldworkers

· 12k+ potential fieldworkers’ numbers as in April 2021: from 550 Clients

Journey ahead

· By the end of 2021, we aim to get a 65+ Field workforce on board.

· By 2025, our major goal is to get 500k+ field workers who are actively using FieldWeb in India and 1.5 million+ app downloads.

FieldWeb aims to acquire a considerable proportion of the Field Service Management market and makes sure that the Field workforce ecosystem is built with the foundation stone as the trust and satisfaction of the clients & fieldworkers.