FIER LLC is founded by Gregory (Greg) Mockett in June of 2014 as a social entrepreneurial effort. The profit motivated company aims to eliminate residential home fires in the USA and then the rest of the world. By successfully creating profit in the company's activities, the company will be motivated to grow and saturate the market with the social ideal of the FIER Proof Home(TM).

The rollout plan will involve statistical priorities. Since 42% of house fires start in the kitchen, FIER LLC will begin reinventing fire safety in the kitchen. The company will aim to quickly roll through all of the statistical priorities. After the kitchen are electrical fires (up to 30%). By taking this calculated approach, the company aims to dramatically reduce the loss of life, loss of property and injuries related to home fire.

A combination of new and existing technologies, all reimagined based on fire data and research, will work toward 7 key goals in all of our efforts:

  1)  Train and educate, don’t just inform on fire safety
  2)  Speed up in-home fire response
  3)  Reimagine, Improve, Innovate fire safety products and systems
  4)  Passively and automatically prevent fire incidents
  5)  Interfere with the physics of home fire (slow it down)
  6)  Get rid of the heat and smoke in a fire
  7)  Create affordability for adoption

The company's first product, the Wine Bottle FIER Extinguisher, a best-in-class, kitchen extinguisher that is specially formulated to address dangerous cooking fires, is the subject of a current Kickstarter project.