FifthEstate(fifthestate.com) is an open media collective featuring original content and viewpoints from real people worldwide. The site includes localized sections for news and other content categories. FifthEstate was founded with the mission of democratizing media by providing a common outlet for real people around the world, not just media elites and big media, to reach their communities. We use a transparent and innovative revenue sharing model to pay authors, and exercise minimal editorial discretion.

FifthEstate is the global, but local, alternative to the censorship and biases of big media corporations.  FifthEstate’s common, localized platform makes it easy for users to find unique and relevant content.  FifthEstate is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and all data is hosted in the United States in order to take advantage of strong free speech and confidentiality protections available here.  For more information see our About Page at https://fifthestate.com/#/about or contact us at feedback@fifthestate.com.