Fight Fit is a self defense and fitness training center located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio just 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland. Fight Fit is Northeast Ohio's only Krav Maga training center with almost 45 classes offered every week in real-world practical self defense and intense fitness classes to get you in shape and home safe.  

Krav Maga is a battle tested system known as the most realistic self defense training that can be learned by anyone and is endorsed by hundreds of law enforcement and military units all over the world.  We offer 13 different programs including: Krav Maga Self Defense, Weapons Defense, Fit To Fight - sparring, From The Ground Up, Kickboxing, Advance Bag, Focus Mitts, Kettlebells, TRX, Core Fit, Boot Camp, Yoga and Tai Chi.  Classes are offered 7 days a week with multiple classes offered each day.  Fight Fit also runs a variety of special seminars throughout the year such as Handgun Defense, Knife Defense, Carjacking Defense, Abduction Defense, and Rape Prevention Seminars along with fitness seminars such as Fitness Fundamentals.  

Fight Fit has trained thousands of people how to defend themselves in real-life situations along with helped people lose weight, get in shape and increase their self-confidence which can then be used to reach whatever goal they may trying to achieve in any area of their life.  Fight Fit is a place for serious training but in a fun and friendly atmosphere with instructors that are top-notch and nationally certified to teach others these valuable life-saving skills.  First class is free so people can see just what Fight Fit can do for them!