“What’s the worst that could happen?”

This simple question is the beginning of one young man’s journey from corporate employee to local craftsman. The Ginger Bread Man is a light and humorous novel about running away from the ovens of mediocrity and avoiding the foxes that seek to fool us.

In this inspiring story, a man named Jacob runs away from his seemingly secure but faceless and unfulfilling office job. A wise and mysterious baker teaches him sixteen principles about making bread…and living life.

By learning about dough, yeast and the baking process, Jacob discovers a true connection to the artisan craft of creating bread and realizes his work is more than a job. The bakery becomes his vocation and purpose in life. He discovers a way to touch people in a simple yet meaningful way.

Readers describe the Ginger Bread Man as an “fast read that’s entertaining and uplifting…a story that’s sure to put a smile on your face.” So run, run as fast as you can and be inspired by the Ginger Bread Man…