Recently I've been receiving a lot of questions from my friends and business partners...

"Is FileIce legitimate?"
"Could you please review FileIce?"
"Is FileIce suitable for me?"

I'll start off with a little explanation of what FileIce is. FileIce is a file hoster, BUT not a traditional one like RapidShare (where people make money off of people downloading their files and receive a measly $5.00 per every thousand downloads). No... FileIce legitimately pays out an average of $1.00 per every one download, and requires everyone without a premium account to fill out a survey (more about that in How It Works). The earnings from those surveys are then shared between the uploader and FileIce.

It is both their unique selling point as well as what they are positively known for. In the time between writing this review from scratch and the latest earnings revision, I've been paid over three times (the highest payment being in excess of $100.00).

Seriously, FileIce is your chance to finally have a consistent income requiring minimal management and little effort. It can even be fun and network expanding.

You don't even need to have a solid upload connection, or any significant knowledge of SEO. There are so many unsaturated and working methods offering ridiculously large profit margins for even the least experienced of marketers that anyone can be successful. If you're unsure of what files are popular, just have a look on a warez site. You'll see soon enough what is popular. Also check out the newest movie releases, they are always a surefire way of getting some downloads. That being said, make sure prior to uploading files, that the files you decide to upload do not violate the FileIce Terms & Conditions.

In conclusion, FileIce is NOT a scam. I honestly believe that it is currently the easiest way of earning a respectable income online. Inspire yourself by reading success stories, read up on SEO, check out the forums, make friends, gain business partners and use your creative mind to come up with your own methods. You, yes even you, can make money. Why not start now...