filerskeepers provides large corporates and multinationals insights in how long they should store their data based on the laws of the world. As implementing data retention periods can be a daunting task, it is very easy to get stuck in the maze of data retention. Especially if you are a multinational with many different systems, records and laws that apply to it. filerskeepers helps companies decide which retention period to choose per system or document category. We provide data retention schedules that give insight into the legal maximum and minimum retention periods applicable in the countries relevant to them (at a fraction of the cost of engaging a lawyer or consultant). This helps companies to justify why they are storing personal data (for example: “for compliance with income tax rules”) and for how long (for example: “for 10 years from the date following the end of the book year”).

About filerskeepers
filerskeepers was founded by two lawyers who have worked for top tier law firms. We are records retention specialists as well as global data protection lawyers. We are assisted by experienced records retention experts. Our team members originate from all over the world. Read more about us here: www.filerskeepers.co/about.