Fill Me In English offers experiential English/ESL classes to adults; tutoring to teens; and proofreading to professionals. English is the focus here, but instruction is offered in all subjects (e.g., math, science, history), and --unlike other service providers-- Fill Me In places a premium on ensuring that students regularly interact with native English speakers, and learn their way around The Bay.  

Fill Me In boosts the confidence of adult English language learners, which improves their use and understanding of English. By engaging in an experiential approach to learning, students become more comfortable using their English-speaking skills in practical situations. Because there's a disconnect between classroom learning and real world use of language, we ensure students get out and get it all -- raw. That's right! The post office or grocery store: we go there. The local cafe or gym: we go there. Concerts, festivals and protests: we visit those, too.

For middle- and high-schoolers, homeschooling, tutoring, and homework help are offered. As well, we offer basic editing and proofreading services for professionals and college students; paper-writing assistance is also offered.

Lots of folks take for granted that because one is born in a predominantly English-speaking country that we all have the same understanding of English. Well, that ain't true. There's a disconnect, born of a million and two sociological factors, between what some of us say and read, and what certain segments of society deem acceptable via written and spoken word.

Our services are available to all SELs, or native speakers of English -- regardless of dialectical habit.