Finance Logix provides wealth management software solutions to financial services firms, including Broker-Dealers, Banks & Trusts, Insurance, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), technology and services providers, and Asset Managers.

Since 1998, Finance Logix has created financial products with the vision that users would be able to easily identify client requirements and needs, quantify future goals, and return the most highly customizable, realistic, achievable plan of action. Finance Logix is the result of extensive research and insights into what the financial services industry requires to market and deliver consistent, accurate, personalized financial advice.

The wealth management industry is rapidly changing and client centric services and products are defining the new business model. Finance Logix has created a suite of fully integrated enterprise and advisor products that allows for increased client collaboration.

Our client-facing software products are designed to be highly intuitive and promote interactive client participation in the planning, executing, and tracking cycles of wealth management.

Finance Logix offers a compelling value proposition for clients to leverage their investment by implementing a client centric wealth management solution thus helping them to acquire client confidence and reduce the costs and complexity of integration.