Commerce Funding Solutions® provides customer financing services, processing, and marketing solutions.  Small businesses that take on our company services are able to offer their customers a financing option in order to sell their products and services. We finance amounts between $500 and $30,000 and qualify applicants with credit scores as low as 520.  Also, we have a “no‐credit check” program where we will approve loans based on your customer’s average balance in their checking account.  Put the synergy of our services to work for you.

Why should you join Commerce Funding Solutions?  To help increase your sales, retain key customer relationships, and meet your revenue goals.  Our services include:

‐ Quick, easy, and secure paperless application process
‐ One business day loan qualification process
‐ Customer email marketing and direct mail services
‐ Branding ‐ payment options for your customers will increase your brand equity
‐ Our payment options include same‐as‐cash and are paid directly to your business
‐ The maximum unsecured loan amount up to $30,000
‐ Comprehensive reporting
‐ No recourse for credit defaults. Our members receive their money up front and we handle everything else.
‐ Free training for your staff

Commerce Funding Solutions focuses on increasing revenue and costs savings for our members.  This has been achieved through our core product.  By concentrating on consumers who are underserved by traditional financial institutions, we provide a much‐needed second chance to those often overlooked by traditional lenders.

The CFS Service Package includes the following:
 Customer Financing Portal (included)
 Email Marketing Services (included)
 Direct‐Mail Services (included)
 Merchant Processing ‐ (optional)

No‐Recourse loans
No Credit check loan approvals
All funding paid directly to Merchant via ACH
Month‐to‐Month Service Agreement
No Equipment required/ 100% Online Program
Mass Email and Direct Mail Portals included

Call James O'Donnell at 888-405-7581 x553 or email me at jodonnell@commercefundingsolutions.com for more information.