Findability Sciences is the worlds first consulting firm focused on the science of "findability". Offering consulting, technology development and outsourcing services to global clients. Leveraging on today's agile business‘ need  for increased findability,  we offer comprehensive technology capabilities for key industries, businesses and governments.

The "findability ready" strategy underpins our expertise. Optimizing and developing systems and services to help clients and their IT systems perform at peak abilities even extending the value from existing IT investments. Focused on energy efficiency and carbon-offsetting processes, FS enables environmental and business sustainability for clients and partners.


We define findability as the ability to locate and present usable information as easily, accurately, and quickly as possible.

Information ‘findability’ today is especially critical, considering diverse content resides both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the corporate firewall. Studies have found that,

• 15% to 35% of knowledge workers’ time is spend searching for information.
• 50%  of searchers are successful in finding what they seek.
• 40% of corporate users reported that they can not find the information they need to do their jobs on their intranets.


Findability Sciences (FS) offers consultancy solutions designed to meet the information technology needs of organizations.


The FS research team would plug cost overruns by eliminating possible energy inefficiencies. This enables clients to manifest their IT green credentials by obtaining the Findability Sciences Green Certification. Through the Optimization Services, FS offers:

• Manage IT energy efficiency
• Go Green
• Minimize IT Costs


Business process outsourcing (BPO) serves as a suitable opportunity to let organizations refocus on their core business development and new markets while FS ensures high-reliability, cost-optimized services to sustain business activities.


Distilling decades of diverse industry experience, the technology development teams at FS help organizations to effectively reduce costs while industrializing capabilities for the long run. Moreover, FS can push application outsourcing even further, helping to increase value derived from limited IT investments.


Infrastructure Outsourcing enables organizations to create a more cost-effective and responsive IT infrastructure which promotes service stability and reliability.


Teams of IT specialists conduct both in-house and contracted research into specialist areas, especially into the Science of Findability.

The latest initiative at Findability Sciences, the .edu  Ecosystem, Findability Sciences is building lasting partnerships with leading Universities & Management Schools globally.


Rating services help in ascertaining the efficiency level of organizations’ information and content management systems. A rating by Findability Sciences serves as the measure of operational efficiency of information architecture.

Findability Index™ is a process designed to measure the ability to find relevant information by enterprise software products, online businesses/portals, and corporate content both within and outside the firewall.

Searchability Index™ is designed to measure the ability of search engines and its users to locate relevant information. Content is out there, but are the search solutions and its users able to find that content? That very question is answered by the Searchability Index™ process.

Findability Quotient™ is designed to be a measure of contents quality of being found. The ante of successful findability doesn’t solely rest upon the software solutions ability to search or the users’ ability to use complex search strings, but also depends on the quality of content to be found/locatable.


Findability Sciences technology teams develop market-leading systems that are cost-effective, high-performance, high-availability and secure. Carefully-architected and functionally rich, diverse software development abilities drives the core of our business. Systems can be rapidly prototyped & implemented, using cloud hosted and accelerated development tools to speed up implementation. Alongside core technologies like search, BI, ECM & DMS implementations; many Findability Sciences solutions are custom built around the specific needs of each client.

FS offers ‘Always on’ service with managed secure access delivering findability advantage to serve any need, anytime, anywhere. The cost advantage from utilizing existing IT resources and the ability to ‘scale up or down’ adds to the basket of benefits.