At Findd we are passionate about discovering ways to use advanced technology to improve the lives of people in the real world.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) has the potential to free people from the mundane and empower people to conceive exciting new discoveries that benefit us all. We are exploring new ways to utilize AI to not only know the who, where and when, but to branch out into what people do and how well they do it.


We help TIME & LABOR MANAGEMENT and PAYROLL companies standout from their competition by providing a unique time tracking solution that utilizes FACIAL RECOGNITION and BEACONS to provide accuracy that GPS can't.

We partner with TLM providers to integrate our Android and iOS mobile solutions to effectively remove time-based and supervisor fraud, saving companies millions.


First, ADOPTABILITY is key. There are no custom time clocks or hardware to manage and install - everything we build is available on the mobile devices you already have in your company today or can easily purchase, and it requires no connectivity - you can use it underground in a mine or at any remote location on the planet.

Second, facial recognition is the best HUMAN AUDIT-ABLE BIOMETRIC there is - we are all born with the ability to recognize a face. The AI does the work for you but you can always review any punch record, for any employee, at any location, in our online platform.

The value we bring is SAVINGS in the form of REMOVING LABOR FRAUD while also freeing up your people to track their time with something as quick as a selfie - be it at work with a tablet or a mobile workforce on their phone.

If you are looking for a differentiator in the TLM, HCM, PAYROLL, JOB MANAGEMENT, or FIELD SERVICES industries that provides significant savings for your clients, contact us and we can share specifics about how we partner with you and what the results will be for you and your clients.