FindMedicalBillers.com was formed in 2014 by a core group of individuals who had a vision which is  to make medical billing services affordable to all,  through the collective efforts of the company in pursuit of a embodying a  professional image within the medical community.

Founder Patrick Hopes said “he still remembers how over the past decade or so the medical fraternity has responded to the many challenges facing our industry. Gone are  the days when this industry used to live in a slow world which was all about processing  the piled up paper bills and  managing it all, through a lot of  paperwork & files , but rather today it  has entered a  world of  paperless electronic claims  processing having a much  quicker remittance time .

The team at  FindMedicalBillers.com  believes  that technology  has now become the deciding factor in the world of medical billing  plus the fact that many in their team being  ex-medical professionals having a vast & varied experience in the health care industry allowed the management  to decide that  it was  about time for them to  venture into  the dynamic  & competitive field of medical billing, Moreover their philosophy being fundamental to not only managing the settlement of claims, but also to safeguard the rights of all  its  stakeholders be it practitioners or patients.

The company said that it very well understands the challenges faced by the billing industry today and so meeting the challenges head-on, it is looking forward to serve its clients in the best possible way.

The company also said that managing an effective clinical practice in today’s fast-paced, competitive business atmosphere is far from simple. Moreover it is aware of the odd instances which are a pointer to the several anomalous situations prevailing in the Medical Billing industry.

Lastly the company is confident & strongly believes in its  resolve to ensure that all their partner clients & medical  practitioner alike generate the desired profit levels for all of the medical billing services that they provide, which will help their associates & patients to benefit not only in the interim but also in the long run.

For more information on medical billing & its new division’ Findmedicalbillers’ and its medical billing and coding services please visit:  http://www.findmedicalbillers.com/

ABOUT Findmedicalbillers

FindMedicalBillers.com is a leading offshore service providers for Medical Billing to physicians in the United States of America. Our specialized software helps you to reduce the costs and increase the cash flow by optimizing your cash flow. We can save up to 35% of your billing service cost which ultimately reflects as your earnings!

ABOUT Illuminate Healthcare Solutions,

lluminate Healthcare Solutions is ultimate one shop for all you healthcare business needs offering robust managed solutions to Healthcare Providers (Medical Billing companies, Hospitals, Faculty Practices, ASC’s, LTC’s, etc.) and Pharmacies. No matter where you work in health care, you face unprecedented change with the shift to accountable care. Our technology can help you succeed.

We are determined to provide complete range of healthcare solutions to practitioners based in all states & our experts handle billing for over 40 specialties.

Healthcare Solutions developed by us is one of the finest examples of creativity based from the industry experts and end users. We ensure integration of a wide range of services making it to one of the best healthcare solutions providers available in market today.