Fandoma is an online learning site for those students who want to help with their homework. Homework help online those who subscribes to such a service that students have trouble in completing and understanding their homework. This service is more effective for the reason that online tutor can concentrate the mistakes of the student and provide a better explanation also it can be easy to find tutors who's proficient in a particular subject, lots of experience of teaching. Findomia Aims to provide value education to students with holistic approach. We believes that education is about overall growth of mind and expansion of vision through developing moral values, multiple skills and diverse knowledge. It is not accumulation of words and bookish knowledge. Education not only performance but imbibing moral values, awareness about our past traditions and knowledge about one’s own culture and heritage. Learning is not about bookish knowledge but looking beyond that – this idea reflected in the learning and teaching processes of the Platform. Different students have different academic skills, needs, and goals, and a tutor who will help one student boost academically might not be efficient for another student. If you need to find the best online tutor, you have to know what exactly kind of service you will need. The tutor also has various sets of teaching skills, and they will only better if they are able to teach their preferred subjects and levels. There are also tutors who can teach every subject up to a certain level. If you want tutoring for only one or two subjects, it is best that you simply select tutors who specialize in those subjects. However, in case you have difficulty solving with all subjects, you need to hire one that can teach all subjects.