FinReg21 is a non‐partisan online media entity developed for, and by, those involved in or affected by financial services regulation. Launched in beta in late March 2009, FinReg21 is a platform for community members to express a diverse set of opinions, and to allow the community itself to drive the discussion. FinReg21’s Editor is David S. Evans, who works with a global team of contributors under the guidance of an editorial board of experts who hail from academia, government, and the private sector.

FinReg21 was designed to be a resource to everyone with a stake in financial services regulatory reform and its outcome. That includes academics who help guide the process: legislators and support staffs who work toward reform; consumer advocacy organizations that focus on the financial industry; pension funds, and financial institutions and the various legal, accounting, and management teams who advise them. Because FinReg21 has adiverse group of contributors, content will be useful to a broad audience.

FinReg21 is a publisher of original content from some of the best minds in this field, as well an aggregator of the most timely and relevant material from around the world. FinReg21 captures breaking news, produces daily thought‐provoking commentary, podcasts and other audio and video discussions, features a resource library of important papers and presentations, and produces a weekly online journal with original articles by leading experts. FinReg21 hosts a weekly “pundit pit” with the newsmakers at the center of this historic discussion and FinReg21’s “who’s who” network features profiles of those who come to the site and offers a platform for networking and idea exchange