I was first elected to Orange City Council back in 2004 with the 7th highest Primary votes out of 77 candidates.  I was running third on a ticket headed by a previous Councillor.  I knocked out the number two and gained enough preferential votes to gain a seat with Orange City Council.  Back then there were 3 female Councillors.  In 2008 I ran for Council again and had was the 5th Councillor to be elected.  I was 100 votes short of getting my number two elected which would have brought to Council the first Aboriginal Councillor.

I enjoy the majority of what I do at Council and find working with the public the greatest reward.  I find my nursing career complimentary to my council role.

Chairperson of
Services Policy Committee
Christmas Street Party Community Committee
Community Services Interagency Community Committee
Youth Services Interagency Community Committee

I still believe that working together as a team is positive and advantageous for our community.  I will remain committed and provide leadership as I have since I was first elected to Orange City Council in 2004 and re-elected in 2008.

My objectives on Council are to:

Work with and support economically, culturally and socially disadvantaged people and groups
Welcome, advocate, maintain, and encourage further programmes and facilities for children and youth such as a Youth Council, Not Just Another Cafe (NJAC), Battle of the Bands, PCYC/Sport and Rec activities with the Merge Project and Mobsport.  This is our future generation, lets work together.
Maintain the support and provide improved facilities and programmes for disabled, aged and our multicultural people.
Increase community services, facilities and activities to improve on and support a Family Friendly city.
Be active in working towards and following the Climate Change initiatives outlined by Climate Change organisations to help stop and reverse damage caused to our environment.
Remain active in consultation and decision making for the greater good of our community, the environment, business growth and planning.  Consequently, working towards and encouraging the development of our new Police Station, Hospital, Major Works Projects within Council, Suma Park Dam wall increase and Regional Development.
Utilise opportunities that arise where I can work with Councillors and Council staff to lobby for and search out funding for projects, community needs and services for our community with State and Federal Government.
If you would like to learn more about what I am involved in monthly as a Councillor please visit this web-site which is not active directly from this Council site.

The address is www.australianfamilymatters.com.au, copy and paste this address and I look forward to your visit.  Additionally I now have my own web-site which can be viewed at www.fionarossiter.com.au

I feel it a privilege to work in my capacity as a Councillor and welcome contact from the Public..

Outside of my Council role I am a mother of eight children and wife.  My husband and I have Fostered children for the past 3 years with 17 additional children coming through our home.  My husband Paul and I have since set up our own business called Back 2 family basics because we felt there was a need to share what we knew and learnt from our experience as parents.  I have written a book called "Growing Great Families" and we have published an educational package called the "Budgeting Pack".  We have trained many people going into employment agencies and schools.  

My husband and I have additionally set up a Not For Profit organisation called Australian Family Matters which provides social connections as well as networking, directories, educationals and fundraising events.  Australian Family Matters has been active since 2007 and stands alone with the information provided on the web-site.  We would like this site to eventually become National because the major finding we have is that people feel they are not educated enough on how to bring up a united family which has quality and unified times.  Even basics skills such as cooking, cleaning, time organisation, home maintenance, gardening and playtime seems to be a struggle for many.  If we can help with the information we provide in our book and educational workshops then we believe people will be able to achieve their goals with confidence.

My paid profession for many years has been as a Registered Theatre Nurse with Orange Base Hospital.  I was a mature age student who studied with young children and graduated 11 years ago from Uni.  Since then I have continued with post graduate studies in surgical nursing and am now working on my Masters.  I would eventually like to take on more educational roles, in particular teaching people about how they can have control over their lives and live a healthier life style.  Primary Health care is my major focus which fits in nicely with all the work I have done to date.