August 5, 2014—Fire & Ice Tres: Fashion Show & Concert, the third annual show will return to Dallas on October 9-11, 2014 for three days, three fashion shows, three concerts. Featured designers launch and release their 2015 spring/summer collections, and can only be seen at Fire & Ice Tres. Fire & Ice is the epitome of couture presentations and an annual event of beautiful high fashion runway designs and music concerts, produced by the very best professionals in fashion and music. Fire & Ice Tres has grown into a weekend of fashion and concerts, and will begin October 9, 2014 at 5:00pm at one of Dallas most elegant and popular restaurants: Neiman Marcus Art Café (1618 Main Street) with the “I’m a Survivor” Symposium and Dinner. Fashion shows will begin October 10 and will feature Glossy Girls, (US youngest female Couture designer as featured in Austin and Atlanta Fashion Weeks 2014); the national Urban Sensation Pray by Percy Ray (Good Morning Texas and Heart& Soul Magazine), Texas premier swimwear and cover-up line Melissa Poe (Big Rich Texas), and accessories by premier statement jewelry designer Sarah Bemrich. The event will be filmed LIVE by BLI Group and other media and will be on air LIVE from by radio networks. Both national and international presses are invited to cover the event. Featured recording artist include International Country Pop artist Madison Alexis with the release of her second debut album “Madison” (Dallas, TX), national R&B sensation Shavonna (Memphis, Tennessee); and, Gospel Rap recording artist Pierre, (Dallas, TX).

Models of Fire & Ice Tres are by invitation only, and are all represented by regional or national agencies such as Campbell Agency, Kim Dawson, and Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited (SLU), to name a few. You can look forward to witnessing the amazing Ken Echols (Campbell Agency), Vandia Sands, (2014 Miss Earth Bahamas), Marquis Washington (Austin Fashion Week), Bashia Johnson (Milan Fashion Week), and Big Rich Texas Star Melissa Poe (ICON Studios Dallas) walking on the runway, among others.

We welcome our in-kind sponsor Neuro drinks and will feature Neuro at Fire & Ice Tres. All attendees will receive a bottle of Neuro at the fashion show. Fire & Ice Tres will be benefitting in-part, The Family Place, a non-profit organization that provides counseling and social services to families and women of domestic abuse. Ms. Hobson, the CEO of Jennifer Hobson Productions is a survivor of abuse and knows first-hand how important it is for organizations such as The Family Place to have the communities support. Fire & Ice Tres will be sponsoring five (5) women who have survived domestic abuse and they will be presented at the show during the finale. Please visit www.familyplace.org for more information about the organization and its mission.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the producer, “The concept of this show was to fuse fashion with music, dance, and visual arts. My goal was to create a show, with excellence in execution, for fashionistas to enjoy a top-of-the-line runway show and have the opportunity to place orders, and interact with the designers.” The concept of Fire & Ice Tres is to show the contrast of in how fashion can be HOT in its concept and COLD in its focus, offering intensity with a double power, coming at you in two ways.

Ms. Hobson adds, “Most importantly, Fire & Ice Tres is more than Fashion show. It is a concert! It’s for music lovers of all music genres to come and enjoy relevant artistry, great music, and for families to enjoy the absolute best in the performing arts. This is Harlem Renaissance all over again, and what better place than in Dallas! Fire & Ice Tres is ONE STAGE ... ONE PLACE.... ONE GOAL ... and ONE FOCUS!! Our mission is to combine the creativity of two artistic worlds as ONE.... Fashion and Music!"

Designers or their representatives and the public will be available to take orders on the spot and to purchase CD’s from the featured recording artists. Boutique and specialty fashion buyers covering the designer to high-priced fashion market, fashion representatives, selected VIP's, socialites and corporate sponsors are also sure to enjoy this event. This is a positive event with dignity personified for Dallas, creating opportunities for all artists and others involved in fashion and performing arts industry. Tickets are available online at https://fireandice-tres.eventbrite.com and are on SALE now.

Photos and additional information available to the press upon request.

Contact: 972-275-9JHP or jenniferhobsonproductions.@gmail.com