Corporate Team Building - Making Teams Work

firebean offers Funky, Fresh indoor & outdoor Corporate Team Building that will take you and your team out of the boring office.

firebean corporate team building exercises consist of a range of corporate team building products that are designed to develop individuals and their ability to work together successfully in a team.

Whether our corporate team building products be indoors or outdoors, the core purpose of our team building activities is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work well together to complete tasks as one team.

Our corporate team building products will assist your team in discovering better methods of communication. These innovative corporate team building activities range from exciting, fun team building games to mind boggling team building challenges that involve complex tasks that include communication, negotiation skills, leadership, and motivation.

To add a fun element to your corporate team building event, some of our corporate team building product themes are designed around ideas from popular culture such as television game shows, eg: Minute to Win it, to reality shows, eg: Survivor & The Apprentice. We at firebean firmly believe that team building is essential in every organization because it encourages productivity and creativity in every individual. Our corporate team building & conference entertainment products are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial by motivating and inspiring everyone. (Even the ones who prefer the comfort of the office!)

We take pride in our work and love what we do. We guarantee team work, excitement and most of all, good clean fun. We will try our best to ignite the spark in the smallest of teams from 6 to over 1000 people. All our activities are mobile and can be run at a whole bunch of venues throughout South Africa.

Make your company stronger by letting us help you build team relationships through our corporate team building. Contact us about our extensive range of corporate team building events and activities and we will make sure that we see to all of your needs.