Tech startup Sama is pioneering a groundbreaking new enterprise-grade coaching app worldwide. The app provides personalised one-on-one executive coaching to redefine employee growth and development across a range of industries. The Sama platform is highly intuitive and easy to use and provides employees access to credentialed executive coaches that help them unlock their true potential.

Utilising AI-powered analytics, Sama connects the best professional coaches to every employee across the whole organisational structure, from interns to members of the C-suite. This is a notable break from traditional coaching models, which have focussed exclusively on executives.

The Sama app dives deep into a user's information and matches them with the best qualified executive coach for them. The intelligent mobile coaching platform speeds up the selection process, enabling employees to immediately work with their coach and begin their journey towards professional growth and development. Personalised coaching targets the employees' unique strengths and weaknesses.

All Sama professional coaches boast many years of experience and expertise in numerous fields and specialisations, including finance, HR, law, technology, start-ups, and marketplaces. All Sama coaches are highly competent professionals who earned credentials and have an impressive professional track record. They have experience in key senior positions at large and respected organisations such as BCG, Bain & Co, E&Y, McKinsey, and Novartis.

Sama's roster of executive coaches is thoroughly vetted and fully qualified to deliver high-quality coaching. The Sama executive coaching methodology targets five main areas - Performance Enhancement, Impactful Leadership, Effective Communications, Better Engagement, and Finding Balance.

“Through the Sama coaching app, organisations, employees, and coaches can strive together to accomplish the same mission: improve and elevate engagement to make the world a better place,” says Myra Khanna, Founder, CEO of Sama. “It is always important for us to ensure there’s diversity and inclusion within organisations. Sama has been designed to provide coaching tools to all employee group types, including the under-represented demographics, to create more opportunities for developing and maintaining a truly inclusive culture.”

Now more than ever before organisations are implementing a personalised coaching program as they are realising the tangible ROI of coaching to increase effectiveness, work quality and productivity in the workplace.

How does the Sama Coaching App work?

To enjoy the advantages of Sama, the organisation needs to sign up their employees who will then be invited to download the Sama Professional coaching app via Google Play or the APP store.

Once the registration is complete, employees are then taken through a series of questions. Through AI, Sama will analyse the employee's responses and goals, to assign the best-fit coach for them.

From there, employees can book sessions and engage directly with their coaches through the app. The Sama app is designed to be interactive, dynamic, and convenient -  employees can get in touch with their coaches and set schedules based on their own availability, pace, and other preferences.


Sama values the privacy and security of its clients and coaches. The group strictly adheres to prevailing information security standards and guarantees all parties a safe space for every coaching session. All information revealed, mentioned, shared, and discussed in every coaching interaction is 100% confidential.

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About Sama

Sama is composed of people who are passionate about helping employees to be empowered and engaged. The team is dedicated to enabling employees to enjoy and leverage the benefits of truly great coaching while keeping their clients' preferences, privacy, and safety in mind. Leveraging AI technology, Sama helps employees find the best executive coaches who become their partners in their journey of professional growth and development. Sama offers world-class executive coaching from a network of professional coaches with impressive track records from some of the world's leading brands and names in Law, HR, Technology, Start-Ups, Venture Capital, and Marketplaces.