One of the downsides in the advancements in technology is the heavy environmental footprint of e-waste, but even more potentially hazardous is what happens when our many electronic gadgets, appliances, and audio-visual equipment is subjected to a house fire. During fires, few seconds of alertness can save many lives. One should be informed and well aware of their fire risks and take appropriate steps to turn the situation aside.
A Canadian company that, since 2010, has manufactured masks designed for use in residential and commercial fires is aiming to make smoke protection equipment accessible and affordable for every-one.
According to Firemask company co-founder Bruce Allali, there are about 400 different gases generated in household fi res, including carbon monoxide, acrolein, and hydrochloric acid vapour, among others.
“These are the main gasses that will render you unconscious when you’re in a smoke-filled environment,” he said.
As per the National Fire Protection Association, most fire related deaths are caused not by the flames but by smoke inhalation that can incapacitate so quickly, victims are quickly over-come, preventing them from reaching an exit.
Furthermore, fire survivors often bear life-long residual effects from breathing in toxins including scarring of the lungs that may lead to cancer.
“The way our masks work is that if there’s ever a fire, you put it on and you can breathe for one hour.  It’s filter will transform cabon monoxide to carbon dioxide with the hopcalite that is in the filter.” Allali says.