United Kingdom. February 22, 2012. Classic mantels a leading fireplace store now brings a whole new range of fireplaces in a wide variety of styles and types.
Fireplaces today are not just the heating units but these are now also recognized as an adorable home furnishing appliances. With the passage of time these and style of fireplaces has also changed a lot. Now the fireplaces are not the ones with traditional wood burning fuel, but these have been replaced with the cleaner and more fuel efficient units. And the fireplaces mantels have a wide variety of options to offer. As against the traditional exposed brick structures now the fireplaces are cleaner and refined in their looks. The stone fireplaces are giving the much needed adoration to the homes.
The most elegant choice among these is the marble fireplaces. These white marble fireplaces give a great new look to the home interiors. And here at classic mantels, a whole new range of modern and contemporary style fireplaces can be found in abundance. Know more about them and their fireplaces at their website or can simply call their experts at 01903 717 770 for free quotes or consultation.